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There is a wide range of materials and options for splash backs. Most circumstances people are moving away from the traditional tiled splash back, to a more modern and seamless design of stone and toughened glass/mirror. Splash backs can be used to incorporate colour or complement its surroundings.

Toughened glass/mirror splash backs are an innovative alternative to tiles. There are various options of glass and mirror splashbacks, the basic and cost effective is standard glass, standard glass holds a green tint due to the iron ingredient. From standard glass you move to Staphire glass, Starphire glass is clear glass eliminating the green tint, this is used when applying a solid paint colour or image print to the glass. Mirror Splash backs come is silver, smoked grey or bronze finish, depending on the colour pallet used in its environment.

Stone splash backs are a great idea to allow the bench top to flow through the splashback, this is most effective when used with a veined stone. The restraint with stone splashbacks is they aren’t fire resistant, this means your bench top has to be deeper than the standard 600mm, when used with gas cooktops. However, there are no fire restrictions when using an electric induction cooktop. Due to the increasing demand for stone splashbacks, we are now suppling QuantumSix+ porcelain splashbacks, QuantumSix+ is new on the market and comes in a range of colours, finishes and holds fire resistant properties.